Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lymph Node Whisperer

I just updated my Ready for Recovery blog....

Here is the intro:

I have met the Lymph-Node Whisperer and her name is Trudy Turvey!
During the past seven months, my life has been flipped over, turned inside out and back again. I have visited countless doctors, nurses, and alternative therapy caregivers. I’ve been felt up, cut into, and dosed with toxic chemicals and I’m about to be radiated on. I am tired. I am scared. And, I wish this mess could be behind me.

But. It’s not.

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  1. Huh. I didn't get that kind of diet/ exercise advice (well, other than my oncologist telling me that some of my lingering chemo side effects would go away if I lost weight). But then, I'm not sure I want it (cut caffeine and alcohol??? There'd be nothing left of me!)
    Sounds like a wonderful visit with a wonderful healer. Will you be going regularly?

  2. Hey Teresa- I'm supposed to see her 2 times a week during radiation so we can work on keeping my skin from tightening up too much.

    As far as the coffee/wine thing, well... she didn't say I HAD to cut it completely, and I'm MOST certainly pushing my limits on that.